Mini Course 2010

Linear Algebraic Groups and Quadratic Forms
Patching, Involutions and Buildings

14th-18th June 2010, Lens (FRANCE)

Organization committee: J. Burési, A. Laghribi, P. Mammone, J.-P. Tignol.

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This mini course is organized by the Department of Mathematics in Lens, and it is supported by the Université d'Artois. The program will include three 5-hours courses, and three talks by young researchers. Here is the list of the titles:


Julia Hartmann (RWTH, Aachen): Quadratic Forms, Linear Algebraic Groups, and Patching.

Nikita Karpenko (UPMC Paris 6): Isotropy of involutions.

Richard Weiss (Tufts University): Buildings, exceptional Moufang polygons and quadratic forms.


Asher Auel (Emory University): Involutions on Clifford algebras of line bundle-valued quadratic forms.

Victor Petrov (MPIM): Motives of some projective homogeneous varieties of outer type.

Anastasia Stavrova (Universität München): On the Serre-Grothendieck conjecture concerning principal bundles of reductive group schemes.