Mini Course-2009 : Torsors and Geometry of Quadrics

22-26 June 2009, Lens (FRANCE)

Organization committee: Jérôme Burési, Ahmed Laghribi, Pasquale Mammone, Jean-Pierre Tignol.

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This mini course is organized by the Department of Mathematics in Lens, and it is in part supported by the Fédération de Recherche Mathématique du Nord Pas de Calais FR 2956. The program includes two research courses and four 1-hour talks given by young researchers:
Course 1: Torsors and infinite dimensional Lie theory

P. Gille (ENS, Paris)

A. Pianzola (University of Alberta)

Course 2: The birational geometry of quadrics

B. Totaro (Cambridge University)


Olivier Haution (Université Paris 6): Adams operations and the first Steenrod square

Alexander Steinmetz (Université Paris XI): Torsors over the Laurent polynomial ring in two variables over C

Tim Wouters (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven): Suslin's invariant in positive characteristic

Kirill Zainoulline (Universitaet Muenchen): Towards motivic classification of algebras with orthogonal involutions