Mini Course-2008 : Essential dimension and canonical dimension

23-27 June 2008, Lens (FRANCE)

Organization committee: Ahmed Laghribi, Pasquale Mammone, Jean-Pierre Tignol.

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The program of this mini course includes three research courses (each of five hours), and three 1-hour talks:


Grégory Berhuy (Université de Grenoble)
"Introduction to essential dimension."

Alexander Merkurjev (University of California at Los Angeles)
"Essential dimension of p-groups."

Zinovy Reichstein (University of British Columbia)
"Essential dimension: a survey."


Mathieu Florence (Université Paris 7)
"Dimension essentielle des p-groupes cycliques."

Pavel Gladki (University of California, Santa Barbara)
"The pp conjecture in the theory of spaces of orderings."

Mark MacDonald (Cambridge University)
"Essential dimension of Jordan algebras."