Mini Course 2007 : Quadratic Forms, Triangulated Categories and Valuations

11-15 June 2007, Lens (FRANCE)

Organization committee: Ahmed Laghribi, Pasquale Mammone, Jean-Pierre Tignol.

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The program of this mini course includes three research courses (each of five hours), and three 1-hour talks:


Paul Balmer (ETH Zürich)
"An introduction to tensor triangular geometry."

Jean-Pierre Tignol (Université catholique de Louvain)
"Value functions and associated graded rings."

Alexander Vishik (University of Nottingham)
"Symmetric operations in algebraic cobordism and their applications."


Baptiste Calmès (University of Cambridge)
"Witt groups of Grassmannians."

Nikita Karpenko (Université Paris 7)
"Canonical dimension of PGL_6."

Albrecht Pfister (Universität Mainz, Germany)
"About Witt."